Install On Air is a FREE service at this moment. If you signup and use the service as logged in user then it will save build upto 8 days. Guest users will be able to use their build link upto 2 days.
There is a no limit. You can upload as many builds as you want. Only registered user can see their past uploaded builds with statistics on dashboard.
Install On Air is a simple way to distribute iOS and Android applications. We sync with the required portals if needed so you don't require to waste time as well as efforts for multiple profile creation and their maintenance. The platform also allows installing the app in one single step. It is easier for both developers and testers.
We concentrate on providing you the finest Over-The-Air (OTA) installation procedure. By syncing with the other portals, we got rid of the need for you to manually register on different devices and make or update profiles every time. We even monitor the status of all users so you can with no trouble see who has installed the app.
No. We don't require your Apple account credentials. You just need to upload your build to our platform and it will generate short URL. You can provide that URL to your testers or clients.
Main reason for disabled or greyed out icon is that your iOS device's UDID is not added to the provisioning profile which is being used to generate iOS build. Please contact your developer to add your device's UDID so you can install the build.